About me

Lorrie Graham once said: "A  photograph is never neutral. It's impossible not to have a point of view – any photographer who denies this is dishonest. We bring our own baggage and background to the choice of subject and even the time we take the photograph. I have worked as a photographer for many years. It is my passion."

I think this is one of the best introductions for a Photographer. Thanks Lorrie!

My name is Sebastian and I am 35 years old living in Kawagoe,Japan with my wife and kids.

I started to take photos in 2001 and since than it has grown to one of my most favourite things in live.

In my free time I enjoy skateboarding and cycling a lot. Actually I am addicted to skateboarding. It`s the drug that is keeping me alive.

The core of my work reflects live – capturing moments in people's lives - whether it's the man waiting for his train, a dog on the stairs, or a old woman working in the field.

The photos on this site represent just a small selection of my images. It's a work in progress – and the content will continue to grow as I finish existing projects, and I begin new projects.

I hope you will come back, and always feel free to contact me with any comments or enquiries.

My Equipment:

Canon 60D - Gripped
EF 50mm 1,8 II
EF-S 17 - 85mm USM IS
Tokina AT-X 107 10 - 17mm
Canon Canonet QL17
Konica C35
Zenza Bronica ETRS
Zenza Bronica Zenzanon EII 75mm/2,8
Zenza Bronica AEII
Mamiya 645 Super
Mamiya 80mm / 2.8
Manfrotto 055XPRO